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RedAnt: Node.js and MongoDb web service with REST interface
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by Kory Becker
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Introducing RedAnt, a node.js web service for persisting JSON data to and from a MongoDb database. The web service supports a REST API for accessing the data from any client application. RedAnt supports the traditional REST interface, including read, insert, update, delete via the REST methods GET, POST, PUT, DELETE respectively.

RedAnt is a quick and easy solution for an automatic back-end web service for any type of application. Since it can store any JSON data, applicable uses include saving blog post data, saving and retrieving customer records, storing logs, and much more.

Using RedAnt is easy. Simply send an HTTP GET to the web service API to retrieve a record by Id. Send an HTTP POST with JSON data in the body of the message, to insert a new record. Example code for calling the API can be found on the web site.

RedAnt includes support for JSONP, allowing applications to call the RedAnt service from server-side code or client-side javascript.

Learn more and give it a try at RedAnt.

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