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  Alumni/ae Registration System and Jenzabar JICS Custom Portlet Development

At Primary Objects, our .NET development experience spans over a large variety of solutions.

The Alumni/ae registration software is a web-enabled system, designed with C# .NET on a Microsoft Windows server, which allows University Alumni to sign up electronically and obtain a University Alumni email account and login access to the University's online web portal, using the Jenzabar Internet Campus Solution JICS package. The system interfaces with Active Directory for automatic account generation.

The Alumni/ae registration system allows alumni to stay in close contact with the University and continue to use the University-branded email address. Faculty may communicate with Alumni directly through the JICS portal system.

.NET web services are utilized for exclusive communication with the JICS LDAP database. The web service provide a central means of user management via the dis.parser.exe utility. They also provid integration with Outlook calendars and central error logging.

Custom portlet development for the JICS web portal allows the University to obtain enhanced functionality from Jenzabar's JICS system. The portlets integrate with the AS400 iSeries and MSSQL databases, providing online management of student data. Custom portlets also provide access to POP3 and IMAP email capabilities, searching students and alumni, and directory services.

An enhanced JICS Custom Content Portlet or JICS External Content Portlet allows faculty to display different HTML to users depending on authentication status in the JICS portal. The portlets feature WYSIWYG HTML editors built directly into the JICS portlet options. A custom JICS portlet integrates with an Ektron CMS content management database. The portlet displays a block of Ektron content within a JICS portlet. Other JICS portlets allow for displaying inline content and web applications located on multiple servers.

Additional online software allows user management by adding, removing, and updating users in Jenzabar's JICS portal. Roles may be added and removed, including alumni, student, constituent within the JICS framework.

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